INSIGHT 2019 Recap – Devs are the New Kingmakers with Jeff Hicks – Podcast #021

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Podcast | 8 comments

It’s all about the programmers, baby.

This week we welcome into the Data Center Therapy studios our good friend and NetApp Technical Partner Manager, Jeff Hicks, as he shares about his background in the Pacific Northwest while diving into the revelations shared from the mothership at NetApp INSIGHT 2019 – held at the surprisingly cold Las Vegas strip a couple of weeks ago.

It’s a Thanksgiving cornucopia of high- and low-level topic entrees, including:

  • Yette and Jeff talk about the NetApp Keystone initiative as well as their take on disaggregated HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure, or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, depending on whom you ask).
  • How HCI impacts things like the licenses of hypervisors & databases, and why NetApp elected not to build their own compute & data cloud, but enabled consistent management capabilities across private clouds & public ones with their Data Fabric vision.
  • What it means that developers are the new kingmakers, and how that affects what is trumpeted in today’s marketspace of storage & compute technologies – as well as why the feature horns of storage operating systems like ONTAP aren’t as heavily tooted as they once were.
  • Those shiny new hardware products, including the Optane- and NVMe-enabled AFF A400 array.

It’s clear that NetApp are on their front foot and continue to change the game, so if you’d like to learn more give this episode a listen and be sure to like, subscribe, and share the ‘Couch for your Technology Soul’ that is Data Center Therapy with your friends.

Oh, and by the way: NetApp is offering a free 3-minute assessment you can take right now to help find the right data management solution for your business!

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