Infrastructure as Code – Podcast #024

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Podcast

New Year’s resolution: work smarter, not harder.

Rarely do we, as IT professionals, want to manually perform the same task over and over again. Furthermore, if we accomplish that task fairly infrequently, we might not even be able to remember how we did it the last time and need to figure out how to do it (again!) taking up yet more time and effort.

The solution to this problem is borrowing a methodology from developers and applying it to our infrastructure. This week, our resident Data Center Therapy empaths, Matt “As Code” Yette and Matt “DockerMan” Cozzolino, share their thoughts on Infrastructure As Code and quickly revisit Home Automation in the process of understanding IaC.

While exploring the basics and details of IaC, the guys also seek to answer questions like:

  • Does Infrastructure as Code count as documentation?
  • Are there practical implications in the details of how Terraform, Ansible, Chef and Puppet are deployed on systems?
  • How do Software Defined Data Centers tie in to Infrastructure as Code?
  • Why might it matter if production and development hardware are different in a world of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code?

Given the new year, could there be a better time to look at new practices for efficiency?  If you’re looking for a technology to help with repeatability, manageability, and scalability of your systems, then sit back, pop up your feet, and have a listen. 

As always, be sure to share your experiences with our podcast with your friends and coworkers – and it’s never too late to give the gift of a review and a repost. Thanks for listening and happy (and automated!) 2020 to all!

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