#084 – If You Had Just One Dollar to Spend on Security…

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Scene: a dimly lit but warm lobby, looking a little like a doctor’s office in a log cabin but more comfortable. You’re patiently waiting to hear from some I.T. podcast microphone jockeys who’ve haven’t peeked out of their door in some time.

You’ve been in that waiting room for a bit, but thankfully your Data Center Therapists, Mr. Matt “Email shields up” Yette and Mr. Matt “Attack vector identified” Cozzolino are back and ready to see you now!

As Yette says, if you could spend only a dollar on security, it should be spent on email security so give this episode a good listen to find out exactly why he says that. You’ll likely end up agreeing.

Inside the virtual studios of DCT on this episode, our intrepid hosts welcome Darla Teeter, Global Solutions Architect from ProofPoint to talk about email security in a depth and breadth that you might not have thought possible. Along the precarious, dangerous, do-not-click-here dark alleys of their email security discussion, the Matts and Darla discuss:

  • What kinds of email, be it malicious or SPAM, can be filtered through email security solutions and how that filtering is accomplished.
  • What threats exist to businesses through email, and how social engineering and targeted campaigns are becoming more prevalent and attacking specific people in your organization.
  • How “browser isolation” can reduce or remove the threat of hackers leveraging “highly attacked people” for their privileges and access.
  • How machine learning, AI, threat analytics and rich data play a role in improving filtering solutions and security overall.
  • Why “default security” from a cloud provider may not be sufficient to protect an organization.

In addition to the above, Darla also explains how ProofPoint goes way beyond the cliched and often boring “security awareness trainings” when it comes to educating workers on email security. The detection and remediation of knowledge gaps (via “mock attacks”) makes their solution a very interesting one.

Listen to this episode and you’ll find out how to win a Yeti cooler (no relation to our intrepid host, Mr. Matt Yette, of course) and be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever quality podcasts are found.

As always, thanks for listening, stay warm this winter, practice safe email and stay informed with our next episode of Data Center Therapy!

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