Home Automation: Rebooted – Podcast #032

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Podcast

We’ve all been there, whether it’s your PC, your car, your home, or a hobby – the moment you realize you’ve outgrown it and need to make a change.

If it’s a PC, maybe you go to a Mac; or vice-versa. If it’s your car, maybe you had to trade in that sports car for a sport-ute once you took up a new hobby… Or maybe you moved when your possessions or family grew a little too big for your old stomping grounds.

It’s easier when faced with a big, fundamental brick wall to say the heck with it and start with a new, different approach. If you have a technical challenge you might have concerns that a new platform, a new set of APIs or skills to learn, and a real uphill battle recreating what capabilities you previously had are all daunting. Remember, though, that the payoff for that initial pain could be new functionality, stability, or simplicity.

If this were a discussion about storage protocols and subsystems, massively scalable private or public computing clusters, or core network infrastructure, it’d be an hours long discussion ahead when talking about new tech and wholesale changes, but this week on Data Center Therapy it’s absolutely none of that.

This episode is all about greenfielding something fresh with no real consequences to your IT job: home automation. The Matts riff on:

  • HomeKit making way for Home Assistant,
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W devices,
  • The Z-Wave protocol,
  • Node Red,
  • …and a slew of other home automation topics that make for a bonus extended runtime on this 46-minute edition.

If you don’t know much about Home Automation and what it can do, or if you’re interested in what’s cutting edge right now, this is one you’ll want to listen to as the boys bring their classic DCT deep diving gear to the virtual marina.

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…and as always stay healthy and well.


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