HCI Throwdown! with David Crow – Podcast #017

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Podcast

Connors-McEnroe ???? Kasparov-Deep Blue Gordon-Earnhardt ???? Ali-Frasier ???? Legendary rivalries.

Here at IVOXY, we are all about sharing our knowledge & experience, and helping IT folks at large with understanding innovative data availability technologies as they emerge. Often there is relative agreement across the team on these technologies, but on this particular episode of Data Center Therapy things get a little heated as the Matts invite a true End-User Computing specialist, David Crow, into our studios. The trio debate the pros & cons of a hotly contested technology: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, and how it relates to our customers’ back-office & virtual desktop applications. It’s a fun one! Bring some hydrogen peroxide, Band-Aids, and a clean, dry towel as we discuss:

  • In what ways Hyper-Converged Infrastructure brings scalability to the table (or doesn’t).
  • How the number of datastores(!!!) relates to AppVolumes and VMware’s best practices.
  • Whether or not the HCI simplicity & cost stories told by the OEM vendors are unvarnished, and what the technical implications of HCI “storage-only-nodes” are.
  • C-level executives who green-light HCI projects – are they bringing true TCO savings, or just building their resumes? Is HCI about cost savings over time or politics?

As always, our moderators Matt Yette and Matt Cozzolino seek to answer your questions and are fueled by the passion of our listeners & customers, so if you want a topic to appear on a future episode please say so in the comments.



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