#085 – Endpoint Device and Virtual Desktop Jamboree with Hoppy Shaw

by | Mar 9, 2023 | News

The Matts are back, baby!

Your intrepid Data Center Therapy hosts, Mr. Matt ‘He sings the bass’ Yette, and Mr. Matt ‘He sings the tenor’ Cozzolino have returned!  The Matts welcome IVOXY’s own End-User Compute specialist Mr. Hoppy Shaw back to the DCT virtual studios.  Hoppy once again regales you, our audience, with stories of his time in Operations and the evolution of Microsoft products we’ve come to all know and (somewhat) love.  

Among the many topics they review are:

  • The beginnings of ActiveSync and Exchange.
  • The evolution of relevant software suites from Microsoft, including Systems Management Server, System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.
  • How things like networks, infrastructure, and security must all be considered at the same time when integrating Azure cloud-based services into an Enterprise.
  • The difference between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktops.

Hoppy and the Matts also cover whether GPU-enabled virtual desktops are an option for folks thinking about Desktop-as-a-Service.  If your own organization needs help evolving its networks, infrastructure, or security practices so that you can leverage cost-effective virtual or cloud desktop infrastructure, please be sure to reach out to your IVOXY Account Manager so that we can help!  If you enjoyed the episode, please be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever you get your quality podcasts.  Thanks for listening as always and we hope to catch up with you on our next exciting episode.  Stay safe, stay secure, and stay well (endpoint) managed, DCT friends!  Ciao.

As always, thanks for listening, practice safe email and stay informed with our next episode of Data Center Therapy!

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