End User Computing with Consultant Hoppy Shaw – Podcast #068

by | Dec 13, 2021 | News, Podcast


No, this isn’t an episode about which is better or what Apple just released.  It’s all about managing those mobile and desktop platforms because, face it, the world is complicated, and the stronger businesses know how to play nice with all the different platforms.  Keep the users happy, but also keep the critical enterprise data protected while allowing those platform choices.  This isn’t an easy thing to do for most companies.  The software is complicated.  There are many competing vendors.  Experts are few and far between.

IVOXY recognize that your problems are also our problems.  We are, after all, a consultancy that looks for specific, curated solutions to our customers technology challenges.  For us, making sure we have the staff with those ever-so-rare magical skills is a priority.  To that end, we had to grow our family to keep up.

In this episode of Data Center Therapy, Matt ‘Let Me Un-pretzel your Network’ Cozzolino welcomes to the virtual studios one Mr. Hoppy Shaw, our newest IVOXY Consultant and End User Compute Specialist Extraordinaire.  Hoppy shares his background, his experiences with Endpoint Configuration Manager and Workspace One, as well as an impeccable knowledge of the whole desktop, laptop, and mobile device management landscape.  Your get to hear about MDM tools like JAMF, MobileIron and Nomad.  You’ll get an understanding of Windows Virtual Desktops, including the difference between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktops.  You’ll also get to hear great stories about playing old Nintendo games with his family (and some gaming nostalgia thrown in by Cozzolino as well!)  Hoppy is as charming as a summer breeze, but knows his way around the endpoint game like LeBron knows basketball – give it a listen.

If you have questions about your own virtual desktop initiatives or endpoint management, be sure to reach out to IVOXY so you can speak with Hoppy or Ryan (our endpoint specialty team.)  If you enjoyed the episode, please be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever finer podcasts are found.  As always, be informed, go virtual, protect and manage those endpoints and tune in soon to another exciting new episode of Data Center Therapy!


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