Embracing a Cloud-first Strategy with Jonas Irwin – Podcast #009

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Podcast

Another Cloudy Perspective: Simplifying, Automating, and Avoiding the Boomerang.

We are ascending yet again into the clouds, this time with special guest Jonas Irwin of Pure Storage.  Matt and Jonas talk about the reasons why cloud-hosted applications have become so popular: from the financial considerations, to the hype and scuttlebutt, that often lure the C-suite into pushing their teams to deploy a cloud-first strategy whether they are ready or not!

Jonas brings his extensive cloud acumen to bear, discussing the hybrid consumption models that are helping organizations bridge the gap:

  • Underutilized disaster recovery sites that are traded for the (sometimes) lower operational costs of the cloud
  • Technologies like CloudSnap that allow for a balance of on-premise and cloud-stored data for cost efficiencies and more
  • And yes, even tape still being out there (for backups) and how appliances sometimes drive archival data transitions to the cloud

Does your 20th century infrastructure keep up with 21st century workloads?  Do you design for peak loads when you’d rather design to average workloads and use the cloud for those infrequent periods of bursting?  We are talking about all of that and more on this edition of DCT – have a listen!


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