Cryptocurrency with Keith Emmanuel – Podcast #060

by | Aug 13, 2021 | News | 9 comments

What is Bitcoin?  What’s Dogecoin (pronounced dohj-coin)?  For that matter, what the heck is cryptocurrency?  What’s it useful for?  Why is the price of it so volatile?

To answer these questions and more, Matt “Mine This!” Yette and Matt “Transactions and…all the things!”  Cozzolino welcome IVOXY Network Consultant Keith Emmanuel to the virtual Data Center Therapy studios this week to break it all down for us.  Keith sheds some light on how he got interested in cryptocurrency, the history and genesis of Bitcoin, and how it works (or the “Layer 1” as Yette likes to describe it!).

To bootstrap our loyal DCT listener’s knowledge, in this overview, Keith talks about:

  • Mining and how Bitcoin is created.
  • What Block chains and blocks are.
  • The economic realities of the finite number of Bitcoins possible, and how macroeconomic Bitcoin trends impact the (fixed) costs of real-world things.
  • What Bitcoins effectively accomplish with respect to certain countries’ (failing) monetary policies.

For those who love to learn more and dive deep, this episode is certainly a great start to your own understanding of cryptocurrencies – so tune on in if you’re ready to get your head twisted and enjoy a technical and intellectual challenge (and something other than the usual datacenter infrastructure chats!).

It is probably worth saying that we are not financial advisers or cryptocurrency experts – so please no cryptocurrency or life altering financial decisions based off today’s Data Center Therapy session!

Stay tuned from the IVOXY crew for more educational opportunities – there will soon be a vSphere 7 Advanced Class, another Horizon class and much, much more.  Stay safe, stay informed, like, share and subscribe as always and we’ll catch up with you soon on the next episode of Data Center Therapy!


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