Ch-Ch-Changes in Primary Storage and Data Protection – Podcast #019

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Podcast

Accelerate (that electric scooter).

It’s conference season, and what’s better than a recap from your comrades-in-arms Matt Yette and Matt Cozzolino of the renowned Data Center Therapy podcast? … How about TWO conferences in one episode!

The guys just got back from the Pure//Accelerate conference in Austin and the Rubrik Tech Summit in Denver, and we’ve got everything you need to know broken down, tech morsel by tech morsel.

Whether you’re a fan of barbecue, high elevations, both, or neither, you’ll get to hear about:

  • Storage and data protection as services, a growing trend of OEM offerings.
  • A new media type for caching in Pure Storage arrays and how you can integrate it with older systems.
  • All new array subsystems from Pure Storage designed for capacity, including how its latencies & use cases could impact you.
  • …and dangerously exposed but thrilling scooter rides, a new experience for both Matts.

Toward the end of the conversation the guys double down on “Never Seen That Before!” – Yette had a recent NetApp adventure, while Cozz experienced a tragic misadventure in WiFi QoS configurations.

Tune in now:


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