Can you Even Contain Yourself? – Podcast #020

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Podcast

You can’t build them, you can only hope to contain them (your future applications).

The yin and yang of IVOXY technologists, Mr. Matt Yette and Mr. Matt Cozzolino break down a potentially vexing topic this week on Data Center Therapy – containers! Between VMware’s head-strong push into the container management space with both their “we-were-into-it-before-it-was-cool” VIC product, and the modern Project Pacific, it’s clear there’s something beneficial about businesses having their future containers commanded-and-controlled by their hypervisor and compute management platforms.

In this episode, the guys engage in a deep dive discussion that should prove informative and entertaining to all IT pros – container-savvy or not! Whether you’re interested in repeatability, scalability, or orchestration, there are some neat advantages containers have versus “we’ve always done it this way” deployment practices. Join us as we explore this topic with hat tips to the Matrix, k3s (lightweight Kubernetes), Linux-as-a-desktop niches, and our old cloudy friends, Azure & AWS.

Prepare to be put in a box and actually like it!


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