Brand Protection with Cisco – Podcast #063

by | Aug 17, 2021 | News, Podcast

Who doesn’t love a good procedural cop show? 

Welcome to a very different episode of your favorite I.T.-themed podcast, Data Center Therapy, where your hosts Matt “Football is Life” Yette and Matt “Now the Hunted becomes the Hunter!” Cozzolino welcome to the virtual studios Doug Abbott, Senior Investigator for Brand Protection at Cisco.  Doug and the Matts talk about many of the different ways Cisco gear can be counterfeited, and they cover topics on this show such as:

  • How Cisco counterfeit products are created, “upgraded” or modified and how they’re trafficked, including on the Grey Market.
  • What product diversion fraud is, and examples of how it happens.
  • How stolen and counterfeit units enter the various markets and how unauthorized resellers play into those scenarios.

With over 13 years of experience in his role at Cisco, Doug shares his thoughts and glimpses of how his team stays vigilant, engaging in the fight against counterfeit gear.  Yette and Cozzolino also share their views on dial-home technologies, how that plays out into the future and how long-term assurances of functioning gear are still important after companies sunset solutions.  Give this shaking-things-up edition a listen for its unique guest and a prescriptive action item on making sure your I.T. gear stays supported and powers your networks and infrastructure for years to come.


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