Automate Now! Laying the Groundwork for Infrastructure as a Service – Podcast #005

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Podcast | 11 comments

Everybody’s talking about automating, but where to start?

While it’s clear that modern, large-scale infrastructure has the most to gain from automation, there are many benefits smaller organizations can realize as well with proper planning.

Standard practices often see two plus week churn times delivering new VMs. For the past several years Chris has been helping server administrators and broader IT teams bring that time way down by implementing Infrastructure as a Service. On today’s episode he talks through many of the ins and outs of IaaS including:

  • Weighing all key considerations like networking, security, firewalls, naming standards, local policies, ticketing systems, software configuration, handoff, etc.
  • Achieving guaranteed consistency through scripting with PowerShell
  • Provisioning with tools like vRealize Automation

Check it out:


Show Notes

  • Be sure to see Chris speak on automation at Portland VMUG UserCon on Thursday 10.25.18
  • Want to discuss automation in your environment? Email us at


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