Adventures in 3D Printing – Podcast #077

by | Mar 30, 2022 | News, Podcast

What are you going to print?

Head straight downtown to the 3D statue-filled intersection of “Fun Street” and “Technology Avenue” with this Data Center Therapy podcast!  Your hosts Mr. Matt “What can’t you do with a Pi?” Yette and Mr. Matt “Printable Log Cabin” Cozzolino welcome you, our loyal listeners, into their virtual garages for an entertaining introduction to 3D printing, sans the resin fumes.  If you’re wondering what the heck a “PEI magnetic build plate” is, give this episode a listen!

In this quick but enjoyable 30-minute dash, you’ll get a handle on:

  • Which 3D printers are the “Ford F-150s” of the market; trustable industry standards to get started with and to modify when you’re ready.
  • The difference between Filament-based and Resin-based 3D printers, how they function, and which ones are more hazardous and need special consideration.
  • And tips and tricks that the Matts share to keep your 3D prints extruding well, staying sharp and functionally strong (and the reason why Yette owns a grow tent!).

You’ll get a little background on the common things some of the gaming-minded folks print (hint: Final Fantasy VII, Warhammer, and Day of the Tentacle come into the discussion) and you’ll also find out where things like ESP32 and Arduinos (nifty pieces of technology in their own right) mesh with 3D printing.  

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