Advanced vSphere Topics with Shane Bradley – Podcast #061

by | Aug 17, 2021 | News | 4 comments

For this episode, our intrepid hosts Matt “Southern Upstate New York Accent” Yette and Matt “Running NFSv3 before eligible for Driver’s Ed” Cozzolino welcome vSphere Guru and Senior IVOXY Consultant Shane Bradley back into the virtual studios. 

Shane shares where he’s at, what he’s working on, and gives us, the loyal Data Center Therapy listeners, a little preview of what’s coming down the pipe for Shane’s newest class, vSphere 7 Advanced.

Along the way, the Matts and Shane talk about:

  • NFSv4, pNFS, and how the changes from NFSv3 can potentially impact their customers and you.
  • Best practices and use cases for folks considering large numbers of vSphere Standard Switches (or for the folks with the right license levels, large numbers of vSphere Distributed Switches!).
  • How VMware’s Skyline, vSAN, and (now retired) vCloud Air products have changed in the past few years, sometimes for the worse, but mostly for the better.

Yette also gives a quick overview of one of the shows he’s enjoyed in the past, Orphan Black.  Give this episode a listen, it’s short and sweet and will give you a peek into a new class which you, our listeners, can even submit requests in to add material so you can get the most out of the experience when you register for it!

As always, be sure to like, subscribe and rate our podcasts wherever you grab them from.  Be safe, enjoy the summer, we hope things open back up for you, your family and friends and we’ll be here, keeping the lights on, educating everyone, and sharing our empathy and tech tips with all.  Catch you on the next episode!


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