A New Dawn for Remote Work (& VDI) with David Crow – Podcast #030

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Podcast

Is sea change here for good, or will work go back to business as usual?

You’ve taken your number, diligently waited, and now once again it’s your turn to (virtually) enter the Data Center Therapy office where our topic this week is a familiar one: remote work. 

This time, we dive even deeper. And to help make the dive a memorable one we invited our VDI Specialist, David Crow, into the studio to share his perspective. Oh, and by studio we mean 100% remote conferencing because here at IVOXY Consulting we were practicing social distancing long before it was hip.

The trio talk all things remote work, thin clients, and full desktop & laptop, including answers to:

  • What makes more sense for certain applications – VPN or a virtual desktop? And why?  
  • What’s the difference between PC over IP protocol and BLAST protocol? Why would it matter? Which applications work (or don’t work) well with which protocols?
  • And is it possible for an entire team to join a conference call without a single person having issues with their audio or video streams?  😉

Welcome back Data Center Therapy fans, and to the new folks: thanks for listening and we encourage you take regular trips back to the DCT couch. We will also be available in some new ways to be announced over the next few weeks – including our just-launched vROps In DepthHorizon VDI Deep Dive Virtual Workshop Series.

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