This post will show you the correct procedure to upgrade Horizon View 7.0.1 to 7.0.3 in preparation for my vSphere 6.5 upgrade. This is a fairly simple upgrade in my lab environment.

The proper upgrade sequence for a view is to upgrade composer, connection servers, and then security severs. I’m using instant clones in my environment, but I still have the composer bits still active, so I’m going to do it the correct way.

Now, be sure that you have checked the product compatibly matrix to ensure that all components will interoperate. Again, this is a simple upgrade, and I have checked my versions.

First, let’s launch the composer install on your composer server. Accept the license agreement, and select an installation location.



Next, set the DB info (this should be saved from your previous installation).

Generate an SSL cert, and select “Install” and restart the server:



On to the View Connection Server!!! Now, in a non-lab environment, it is important to take some pre-cautions. VMware has a great article (although a little older).

Start the installer and accept the license agreement and location, and select “Install”.



Rinse and repeat with the connection server… although it isn’t exactly that simple. We need to specify the connection server name that our security server is paired with:



Specify the pairing password in the admin interface (https://viewcs.lab.local/admin).



And enter the password in the installation:



And confirm that the DNS and IP information is correct:


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