#093 – The (Active Directory) Forest from the Trees

by | Jun 21, 2024 | News

What things Microsoft lurk in the shadows, basements, and dark closets of your I.T. organization?  Which parts of Active Directory, Exchange, or M365 keep you up at night, racked with anxiety and fear?  Is there no relief from scary upgrades and failures to be had?

Fear not, loyal compatriots!

Bust out your flashlights, proton packs, and ectoplasm-resistant onesies because this week on Data Center Therapy, your hosts, Matt ‘Venkman’ Yette and Matt ‘Ray’ Cozzolino welcome IVOXY’s newest Consultant and Microsoft Specialist, Mr. Dade ‘Egon’ Wilson to the virtual studios to explore all things ‘365.’

In this episode you, our captivated listeners, will:

  • Hear about Dade’s background, his hobbies, love of Seattle, and what he does in his spare time.
  • Find out if schema upgrades should be feared, whether Microsoft had constraints of what the backing storage of Exchange had to be, and why functional version upgrades are often neglected.
  • Learn of the new integrations like Intune and Entra ID which necessitate newer software infrastructure parts and pieces.
  • and be amazed by the myriad of ways in which Microsoft systems can break, whether it’s DNS, Kerberos, Certificates, or the time (but we all know, it’s DNS!).

Come listen to this episode to meet the newest member of the IVOXY team and jump into the deep end of the Active Directory pool with us; it’ll be intimidating, but also a bit of a fun.  Register for Matt Cozzolino’s upcoming June 20th “Ask me Anything” for his Networking for Server Administrators class (coming July 30th) at https://ivoxy.com/n4sa.  Register for the Aria Operations workshop, coming up August 8th, at https://ivoxy.com/ariaworkshop.  As always, if you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to like, share, and subscribe and tell three friends about how you get a hearty dose of I.T. empathy and free counseling just by listening to the show.  🙂  Thanks for listening and we’ll see you on the next spooky episode, DCT faithful!

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