#091 – Broadcom’s VMware Acquisition: The Fireside Followup

by | May 28, 2024 | Podcast

Welcome back, long-awaiting listeners, as your favorite IT podcast with a healthy dose of empathy, Data Center Therapy, returns after a seven-month hiatus.  It’s been too long, we know, but we’re back and we’re recharged so we can bring you the first of many new episodes with exciting, topical and relevant content.  Thanks for joining us!

On this episode, your intrepid hosts, Mr. Matt “been through the desert on a horse with no name” Cozzolino and Mr. Matt “Call me Heisenberg” Yette share Cozzo’s adventures hiking from Supai to Havasupai Falls in the great state of Arizona, and talk all things Broadcom, given the big news of the acquisition of VMware completed since the last episode aired.

While sharing their thoughts on the whole VMware ecosystem and the changes, the DCT crew muse about:

  • The new tiers of subscription licensing that replace many of the old VMware SKUs,
  • The changes in licensing from sockets to cores,
  • The aborted licensing change back in the VMware days regarding vRAM,
  • The “second day” about face on ROBO licensing
  • Viable alternatives to vSphere,
  • The spinning off of the Horizon technology to the new firm named Omnissa,
  • and much, much more.

As a reminder, IVOXY are hosting a vSphere 8 Advanced Class in just two weeks, and we’re developing classes and workshops for Disaster Recovery and Aria Operations (formerly VMware vRealize Operations.)  If you’re interested in Matt Cozzolino’s Networking for Server admins Ask Me Anything on June 20th at 11AM Pacific, register at: https://ivoxy.com/ama-networkingforserveradmins.   If you’re looking for the DirtFish 2024 event registration, it may be found at: https://ivoxy.com/dirtfish2024.  As always, if you enjoy Data Center Therapy, please tell three friends and be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.  Thanks for your patience, your attention, and we eagerly look forward to sharing more in 2024 with you all on the next episode of Data Center Therapy!

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